SG Law Cookies (12 July 2024)

“In the court’s stern gaze, a director falls, Under foreign influence, a union stalls. Ride-hailing giants face a stern reproof, Honors bestowed for those aloof. A doctor’s trust, in saline dissolved, In these summaries, the world revolves.”

July 12, 2024

SG Law Cookies (11 July 2024)

“KPMG’s claims in court, swiftly unfurled, Hyflux’s losses in ledgers, a tale retold. In Singapore’s grasp, a Reform chief hides, While justice’s scale, in balance, it bides. In the dance of law, truth and lies twirled, In the heart of news, the world’s stories are scrolled.”

July 11, 2024

SG Law Cookies (09 July 2024)

“In the dance of justice, where innocence and guilt twirl, Laws weave a shield, in the digital world’s whirl. In the East, a convict’s tale unfurls, While a bar’s dark secret, into light is hurled. These stories of our times, in verse I curl, A snapshot of a world, in chaos and pearl.”

July 9, 2024

SG Law Cookies (08 July 2024)

“In the realm where cyber shadows creep, Harassment’s toll, it runs so deep. Bosses turn villains, victims weep, In silent fear, secrets they keep. Yet, hope persists in justice’s sweep, In every heart, resilience leaps.”

July 8, 2024

SG Law Cookies (05 July 2024)

“Voters surge, boundaries redrawn in the city’s swirl, Climate indices dance, in a carbon-conscious twirl. Falsehoods challenged, truth’s banner unfurled, In Singapore’s saga, as the day unfurls. A world in flux, as stories whirl, In the heart of law, where justice twirls.”

July 5, 2024

SG Law Cookies (04 July 2024)

“In halls of justice, trust is torn, a tale of siblings unfolds in scorn. Luxury’s greed meets its match, in courtrooms where fairness is dispatched. In homes of stone and glass, rules are bent, as short-term rentals face government’s vent. In this world of shifting sands, law’s firm hand commands.”

July 4, 2024

SG Law Cookies (03 July 2024)

“Through the lens of law, tales of justice unfurl, In Singapore’s courts, where truth’s flag is unfurled. From money laundering to a teen’s violent act, To food donations, each story is a fact. In the dance of justice, where the world’s stories twirl, In the heart of law, the news summary whirls.”

July 3, 2024

SG Law Cookies (02 July 2024)

“Singapore stands, a beacon in the night, Laws firm and fair, guiding with their light. In corporate halls, justice takes its flight, Unraveling wrongs, setting matters right. In the dance of words, truth takes its bite, A world in verse, painted in black and white.”

July 2, 2024

SG Law Cookies (01 July 2024)

“In the realm where truth and falsehood twine, Deception’s dance in property and line. Voices silenced, for peace we pine, In the digital sphere, where opinions align. Beware the words that in reviews shine, For the cost of truth may levy a fine.”

July 1, 2024

SG Law Cookies (28 June 2024)

“In the courts of power, where justice twirls, Through the lens of law, the world unfurls. From Singapore’s stance to sports’ fierce fight, To deceit’s downfall in corporate night. In the dance of news, truth’s flag unfurls, In six brief lines, the tale of the world.”

June 28, 2024