SG Law Cookies (27 June 2024)

“In the court’s stern gaze, a tale of brothers unfurls, Justice served in varied hues, as each sentence whirls. In Singapore’s heart, a financial fortress stands tall, Against the tide of crime, it builds a stronger wall. From the shadows of deceit, truth’s light steadily curls, In the dance of law and order, the world gently twirls.”

June 27, 2024

SG Law Cookies (26 June 2024)

“Law’s stern gaze on guardians astray, Speeding wheels, stolen funds in play. In Singapore’s streets, justice holds sway, Erring officers must their dues pay. A tale of trust breached, duty’s decay, In the world’s theatre, a somber play.”

June 26, 2024

SG Law Cookies (25 June 2024)

“Hot water tales, a mother’s wrath unfurls, In Singapore’s heart, where justice whirls. Children scarred, in innocence’s theft, A verdict waits, in August’s breath. In the dance of law, as the world turns, A lesson harsh, humanity learns.”

June 25, 2024

SG Law Cookies (24 June 2024)

“In the realm where truth and deceit intertwine, Frauds and fakes in the shadows recline. Casinos clean, yet suspicion persists, In the heart of the city, a dark menace exists. Through the lens of law, we discern and learn, In the dance of justice, the world does turn.”

June 24, 2024

SG Law Cookies (21 June 2024)

“In the heart of the Lion City, tales untold, Of tarnished badges, oil spills, and gold. Banks in shadows, their secrets kept, In the dance of deceit, only the law has stepped. In this world of chaos, where truth unfurls, Lie the stories, in news summary swirls.”

June 21, 2024

SG Law Cookies (20 June 2024)

“In courts of law where truth and justice twine, Deceit and trust in tangled dance align. From spiritual deceit to breach of trust, In fathers’ pleas for love, in fairness thrust. In every tale, a lesson to discern, In every case, a verdict to be learned.”

June 20, 2024

SG Law Cookies (19 June 2024)

“Digital ties twine ’twixt nations near and far, In Singapore’s sphere, a rising Cambodian star. Voter rolls renew, in the Lion City’s sight, Election whispers stir, in the hush of the night. In the dance of news, where truth and time spar, Unfolds the world’s tale, under the morning star.”

June 19, 2024

SG Law Cookies (14 June 2024)

“Seized assets lie in state’s cold hold, a frozen pearl, Cyber threats in AI’s web unfurl. Ransomware’s rise, a darkened whirl, Deepfake deceits in chaos twirl. In this dance of risk and rule, the world does twirl, A vivid verse of news, in rhyme we hurl.”

June 14, 2024

SG Law Cookies (13 June 2024)

“In the web of law, where justice unfurls, A Chinese national’s fate in the balance twirls. Botnet’s dark shadow, across the globe it whirls, In the court’s stern gaze, truth slowly unfurls. A tale of cybercrime, in legal pearls, In the hands of law, the future twirls.”

June 13, 2024

SG Law Cookies (12 June 2024)

“In the web of law where truth and lies twirl, Nominee of death, a tale unfurls. Kickbacks whisper in hushed tones, In the market’s heart, corruption moans. Online falsehoods wear a scarlet letter, In this world of news, truth is better.”

June 12, 2024